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 on: Today at 02:36:07 AM 
Started by Fozzy - Last post by bobs_buckles
Fozzy, you're a master modeller in the truest sense of the word - amazing craftsmanship.

Keep going!

Von Buckle    ;)

 on: Today at 02:17:55 AM 
Started by Fozzy - Last post by Fozzy
Heres the Brisfit....I think the photos are too small....they are the only ones I got!!...sorry

Thanks a lot for looking in..cheers

 on: Today at 02:12:00 AM 
Started by Fozzy - Last post by Fozzy
Hi chaps...
 I had a request today on my SE5a build thread if I would show some of my other scratch builds.....and so I thought I would show you this Camel I built some time ago.
It took about 5 odd months to build and was constructed out of Balsa wood /paper card and plastic card and odd bits and pieces lying around in my workshop!!
If any one is interested in seeing more pictures then this build is on my website...below!!

This Bristol Fighter in 1:48 scale was also totally scratch built a good few years ago and has many go easy on me!! :-[...I'll just get some photos!

 on: Today at 01:56:06 AM 
Started by TCinLA - Last post by James
The thing I noticed on the preview trailer of Red Tails, is that the B-17's had a Triangle L on their tails which would be wrong as the 381st Bomb Group was part of the 8th Air Force. The 332nd Fighter Group was in the 15th Air Force and would not have been escorting/protecting 381st Bomb Group B-17's.

 on: Today at 01:49:14 AM 
Started by Pete Nottingham - Last post by Pete Nottingham
Thanks Des.

I really appreciate all the positive comments folks.



 on: Today at 01:41:35 AM 
Started by Fozzy - Last post by Curtisswright
Nice piece of craftsmanship there Fozzy.  I only dabble in stick and tissue once a year for an annual event and really appreciate how you have brought the two mediums together.  great detail.  Really enjoying this build.  Thanks for posting.

 on: Today at 01:36:41 AM 
Started by Fozzy - Last post by Fozzy
Finally for today here are a few shots of how the Fuselage is shaping up .............

I apologise for the amount of photos I use in my threads!! :-[...but I just can't help my self!!..You must be getting tired of looking at ....bare wood/tissue/card and won't be long before the painting stage arrives to add a bit of colour...(I can't wait)!
I appreciate you guys looking in helping me on my way with this epic build! ;)
Next up is the skinning and fixing of the elevators!...till then...cheers and thanks for looking in.

 on: Today at 01:35:10 AM 
Started by The Red Baron - Last post by John McKenzie
Hi RB...
Interestingly , there was discussion on this quite a while ago on the xxxx forum ....It was noted that in a Fokker factory photo posted either by Lloyd or Dave Watts , there is a Lower , DrI wing , ...having the Upper side Streaked/painted ....The guy doing this has beside him , 3 large , tin type , ( typically used  for paint )..." Pots " ..of ?paint &/or thinners or whatever ? and one , a 4th, different type of ? earthenware ? Pot , for containing something else or else , for another purpose .

However....The worker who is painting the Underside appears only to be using ONE pot ....This could be for blue or whit or Black for the Cross .

Of course , this picture could be " Staged" and " IS what it IS " .........But ????? :-"

John . :)

PS ...I think it was on a Camo' thread ...Hans may know as he was also involved in discussions there .

 on: Today at 01:25:54 AM 
Started by Fozzy - Last post by Fozzy
Good afternoon!

Time for the latest update. In my last post I mentioned that I had to construct the headrest section and Tail skid...well its all done.

Here is the headrest section which I sanded out of a block of Balsa took me some time to get right but I think I got it right in the end.........

This was then glued to the fuselage where I added some detail with cuts of paper and I sealed it with diluted PVA glue and Johnsons Klear....I still have to scratch a cushion for the head rest as yet but will do that at a later stage..............

Now came the part of getting the tail skid together.Once again I found it easier to use a block of Balsa wood which I sanded down and added a bit of detail....the skid itself is a piece of bent wire..........

Here is an overall shot of the Tail section including the Tail skid.......

 on: Today at 01:25:26 AM 
Started by LSM - Last post by Curtisswright
Yes indeed.  I will have one of those also.  More great news for the hobby.  Fantastic.

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